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Working as a premium freelancer enables you to have access to much more than a public freelance jobs centre for placing and taking freelance jobs in our freelancing websites. In order for one to qualify to work as a premium freelancer he/she needs to start working as a free member first and then can open a premium freelancing account after that.

How do Premium freelancing benefits the freelancer.

Freelancers benefits a lot from premium freelancing and this is mostly because premium freelancers are given their own freelancing portfolio websites to take and place their freelance jobs on. This websites enables freelancers to participate fully in some of our programs that are designed to maximise the potential of any freelancer to make money by taking freelance jobs.

The programs that allows us to maximise the potential of freelancers are as follows.

Affiliate marketing program.

This program allows us to promote the freelancing portfolios of our freelancers by promoting their freelancing portfolio websites through our affiliate marketing agent’s websites. Freelancers who makes use of this programs must agree with certain affiliate marketing agents for this to work, and freelancers can even exchange their services for placement of promotional material in affiliate marketing agent’s websites.

This opportunity increases the opportunity of freelancers to get employers to directly hire them from their own freelancing websites, and in turn our freelancers are able to submit invoices to those employers and also complete the requested freelance job and also submit the job through their own website.

This is a wonderful opportunity for any freelancer who takes freelancing seriously in such a way that they consider it their own career. The other benefit from our affiliate marketing program is that our freelancers are able to develop certain solutions to common problems and sell those solutions through our affiliate marketing program, and those enabling them to have a secondary revenue stream to supplement the income they get by working as a freelancer.

Easy website hosting solutions.

This is basically our hosting solution developed so that the customers of this hosting solution works closely with our premium freelancers, this in turn gives our freelancers an opportunity to get an employer directly from our easy website hosting customers program.

We have created our own website hosting forums where our customers can go to find solutions to their own website development, SEO, and website hosting problems. And we allow our premium freelancer’s to assist our website hosting customers, this allows our freelancers to build a lasting relationship with our website hosting customers and this is beneficial to both our freelancers and also our customers.

Our customers are also given incentives to make use of our freelancer’s services in terms of discounts in their subscription fees, if they make use of our freelancers for their own website development, and website maintenance.


Improving the standards of our freelancers through innovative freelancing solutions every day is exactly what we do here at freelancing solutions, we understand that working as a freelancer can be very demanding especially for those who are starting out as freelancers this is why we are creating this solutions every day to make sure that our work environments as online freelancers is such that it increases our likelihood of making money as freelancers, and also creating trust and working relationships with our customers or employers in our workplace.

To start working as a premium freelancer in freelance jobs freelancing solutions you need to first create a free or basic freelancing account at our main freelance jobs website and then apply for a premium freelancing account.
Note that our premium accounts requires that you pay a subscription fee to cover the costs of your freelancing portfolio website hosting and development.

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