Easy Website Hosting Solutions

Our hosting solutions where created in order for our customers to be able to get freelancers services for website development, Online marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and article writing. In a guaranteed manner and more securely.

This is also an extra way for our premium freelancers to get freelance jobs, and we enable this by allowing our freelancers to offer their advisory services absolutely free of charge if our website hosting forums, where our customers can be advice on anything related to their websites. Our customers always have an option of implementing the advices they get from our website hosting forums by themselves or by making use of any other company or freelancers from outside, but however we offer discounts to any customer who makes use of the services of our premium freelancers.

Benefits of our website hosting services to our customers.

Our customers also have a lot to benefit by making use of our hosting services, in that we have made sure that anything that they could possibly need from website development, up until selling their products and services through their websites, we have everything covered, which makes this the best website hosting service anywhere else in the world by far.

Our customers can promote their websites through our affiliate marketing agents.

This system allows our customers to become our affiliate program partners and then sell their services and products through our affiliates, this gives our website hosting customers access to a very huge market instantly and has an effect of instantly boosting sales, traffic and also improving our customer’s ratings in Alexa. This is a very good opportunity which insures success and also build up your website’s reputation in such a way that allows you to continue to prosper long after you stop making use of our services.

The website hosting packages we made available to our customers.

We have created decent website hosting solutions to satisfy the needs of our customers, and we also include all the extra benefits mentioned above on each website hosting service, meaning to become our affiliate marketing partner and start promoting your services and products through our services you do not pay an extra subscription fees if you are already our customer, and the same thing applies if you are going to make use of our premium freelancers services.

Bronze website hosting package.

This website hosting package is our entry level package designed for those who are starting out or, those who are looking for a website hosting solution for a small website or even a personal website.

Websites are considered small if they do not contain more than 250 pages, meaning this website hosting solution is adequate for any website that meets the requirements above.

To learn more about this website hosting solution go to our main website hosting solutions website.

Bronze Website Hosting Solution

Silver website hosting package.

This website hosting package is our mid-level hosting package designed for our business customers who are looking for website hosting solutions for very huge websites with database support and all the needed specs to support a business website of medium size.

Of course this website hosting solution also includes added benefits from our services from our affiliates and also freelancers.

Silver Website Hosting Solution

Website hosting and development packages for our members.

This hosting packages can be purchased separately but they are included when any of our visitors subscribes either as a premium freelancer, or an affiliate marketing agent. Note that this are not only website hosting packages but also website development packages for each kind of website needed to work as either a premium freelancer or an affiliate marketing agent.

Freelancing Portfolio website hosting and development for premium freelancers.

This package allows our premium freelancers to participate within our premium freelancing programs, with a better means of securing freelancing jobs, and therefore allowing our premium freelancers to enjoy a much more better returns while working as freelancers.
Central to this hosting package is the fact that we ourselves develop the freelancing portfolio websites and leave it only to the freelancer to upload their own portfolio and thus allowing for a more common interface over all our freelancing portfolio websites, which allows our clients or employers to know exactly what to do in each and every freelancers portfolio website in order to hire such a freelancer.
We charge a certain subscription fee monthly on the hosting of such a website, but we offer the website absolutely free of charge,
Our premium freelancers enjoys a much more better means of working and also an opportunity to secure more permanent means of making an income with freelancing solutions.

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Affiliate Marketing Website for our Affiliate marketing Agents.

This website allows our affiliate marketing agents to promote our services, partner services, freelancer’s services and also our website hosting clients services, thus allowing them to build their income over time by promoting everything through their website.
This websites are hosted on a domain name chosen by the affiliate themselves and monthly subscription fee is charged for the hosting services, we create a fully functional website and upload it to their domain allowing our affiliates to immediately start promoting our services to our target market. In our main affiliate marketing website there are a lot of material useful to our affiliate marketing agents, and thus allowing them to learn how to start operating as affiliates of freelancing solutions.

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