Affiliate Marketing Program

This program allows anyone to start working with us by promoting our services and products, and those making an income from our system, however our affiliate marketing program is unlike any affiliate program you have ever made use of. And the reasons for this can be found within this document.

What makes our affiliate marketing program unique?

Our affiliate marketing program is created in such a way that allows anyone to participate and it also increases the likelihood of anyone generating an income from this program, and the reason for this is as follows.

Affiliate marketing websites.

We have created certain website development and hosting accounts that allows our affiliate marketing agents to subscribe and then get a domain name of their choice where we are going to install our affiliate marketing website fully developed and just waiting for our affiliate to start marketing our products and services by creating articles about the services they intend to promote and posting those articles in their own websites, and blogs.

We then allow our freelancers to assist our affiliate marketing agents to fully promote those websites through SEO, and Online Marketing campaigns that actually increases the traffic to their websites, and thereby increasing the chances that those visitors becomes referrals and an opportunity to generate an income.

Recurring commissions on subscriptions.

Most of our services also allows our affiliate marketing agents to earn an income for as long as their referrals continue to pay subscription fees for their services. This means that if an affiliate manages to recruit a premium freelancer then that affiliate agent will continue to earn 30% of that freelancers subscription fees for life.

No technical skills required.

The other factor which is also obvious about our affiliate marketing program is that anyone can make money out of it, you do not need to know anything about website development in order to earn money from our affiliate marketing program as everything will be created for you from the time you subscribe.

Affiliate partnership program.

We also make use of our affiliate partnership program to make sure that our affiliates constantly get new services and products to market and those making sure that all of our affiliate marketing agents are just promoting the same thing on all of their websites, this creates niche markets for some of our affiliate marketing agents to make money on.

Anyone who is interested in promoting their products and or services through our affiliate marketing program is also welcome to do so.

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