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Freelancing Solutions welcomes anyone who needs to start working online as a freelancer and also as an employer. Freelance Jobs are available in our Main freelancing website and as a freelancer you need to subscribe first in order to start taking freelance jobs, we also welcome employers to also subscribe and start giving freelance jobs to freelancers, There is absolutely no subscription fees either as a freelancer or an employer to start working in freelancing solutions so feel free to go on and subscribe today.

Who can start working?

Anyone who is skilled in one of the following can work in freelancing solutions without any problems the skills that are needed are as follows:

Website Development.

Landing Page Development.

Article Writing.

Search Engine Optimization.

Creating and managing Google Ads using Adwords.

Online Marketing Campaigns.

Graphic Design.

Note that you can also subscribe and hire our freelancers if you are looking for someone skilled in any of the above mentioned disciplines. We allow anyone to hire our freelancers for as long as you pay them for their services.
And employers must be aware that It is totally free to hire our freelancers we do not charge any subscription fee for the ability to hire our freelancers, the only amount you will end up paying is payment for services rendered by freelancers.

What should I do if I am interested?

The first thing that any freelancer or employer can do is to create a freelancing account with freelancing solutions by subscribing in our main freelancing website.
After that if you are a freelancer you need to complete your portfolio and make sure that your employers will be able to know what you can do for them.
And then start looking for freelance jobs that you qualify for, there are multiple ways in which you can do this in freelancing solutions. You can subscribe to several freelance groups that can emails on certain freelance jobs and then find the freelance jobs on your inbox.
You can also make sure that you check freelancing solutions website every day and bid on any freelance job listed for as long as you qualify.
You can even subscribe as a premium freelancer and get access to other ways of getting freelance jobs which are not available to basic freelancers.
If you start working as a premium freelancer you must also create your own freelancing portfolio to go with your profile, which will also help you to get more freelance jobs.

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Is there any other way of making money besides freelancing?

Yes anyone with or without the skills mentioned above can still work in freelancing solutions, you can start working as an affiliate marketing agent. Meaning you will be responsible with promoting our services to internet users, and at the same time own a part of freelancing solutions.
You can subscribe today as an affiliate marketing agent in our main affiliate marketing program website and this will allow you to start working.
Once you subscribe as an affiliate marketing agent you get your own website hosted in a domain name of your choice and you use the website to promote our services by creating promotional articles intended to promote one or more of our services.
When you get referrals or customers from your work you then qualify to get 30% Commission on the subscription fees for such individuals for as long as that customer stays with us.
There are several products and services you can promote with freelancing solutions some of those services are as follows.

Recruiting Affiliate marketing Agents.

Recruiting Premium Freelancers.

Selling our website hosting services.

Selling eBooks.

Promoting Freelancers Services.

Promoting freelancing solutions services.

Anyone can see that by just promoting a few or all of the services mentioned above anyone can build up a serious business with a lot of potential.
And also if you check our support services to our affiliate marketing agents you will then understand that we have thought of everything and affiliates can run their own affiliate marketing website and make money without understanding anything related to website development and online marketing, as we have freelancers ready to assist our agents in this regard.
You can start today working as an affiliate marketing agent.

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